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Still Frame

U.S. Navy Vet Wife | Boy Mama | Luxury Wedding Photographer.
My heart lives for the big events. I was always the girl sobbing over wedding and military coming home videos on youtube. I love the simple things in life, I love gifting, and I LOVE being included in life's most happiest moments.
I'm an enneagram type 3w2. 
Fun fact: I am a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist (but my passion is fully in Wedding Photography).
My ideal afternoon is happily accepting all the sticks and leaves my 2 year old brings me as gifts, the belly laughs from my 7 month old, and the nights with a comedy movie, some kettle corn, and snuggles on the couch with my hubby, Anthony. 

i'm angelique.

Hey lovely!

from my hunky husband!



at a leisurely pace and barefoot, of course!



Marley! Our energetic, super loving, protective black lab: My boys' best friend.

Our doggo


Hubby Anthony, and my boys, Ronan & Ryker.

My family


I'm THAT mom. I love Christmas traditions, lights, Elf-on-the-shelf, etc.



Is there really ever a better treat than such? 

Popsicles & Ice cream


We have a family beach house on Oak Island so during the summer time, we are there often! 

Oak ISland, NC


My favvoorriiteeee thing to shoot come wedding day is the details! 

Detail shots


Pumpkin Spice, Reds/Oranges, Crisp air, cider donuts, mmmm.



Watching Toy Story for the 532847th time, playing with my boys, peace.

Relaxing Days at home



things I'm crazy about

My Top Ten

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Things really took off when my own photographer for my wedding allowed me to complete an apprenticeship under her. I purchased her old camera, my first real lens, and haven't put down my camera since. 

Things really took off, and the rest was history. (j.k. there's more...)

In high school, my boyfriend got me my very own Nikon camera for Christmas one year and I was HOOKED. I took pictures of anyone and everyone that would let me. I signed up for all the photography classes through high school and college that I could and eventually, started my own business.

In addition to photography and family, I have a few other interests:
1. Disney - I am the BIGGEST Disney freak. My husband's side of the family goes to Disney at least once a year. Within the next five years, I would love to become a member of the DVC family. My own son had his first Disney trip at 2 months old!

2. Breakfast food - One of my main cravings while I was pregnant was maple syrup. Turns out my son is also a breakfast person, as is my husband. I'm all about breakfast all the time. We even served "breakfast for dinner" at our wedding! Want to meet up to discuss photography plans? Suggest meeting for breakfast and I will be the happiest girl alive.

My Story

Photograph a proposal at Disney 

Go skiing with my hubby in Telluride, CO.

Do what I love as a career: Wedding Photography

Learn to make homemade pasta (& other Italian dishes)

get a mystery flight ticket within the U.S. (I ended up in TX!)

Get published in my favorite wedding magazine.

On My Bucket List...

My Timeline

where I've been


Graduated from LU with B.S. in Psychology and apprenticed under a photography friend while starting my career


Career change! I picked up my camera with the intent of photographing weddings!


Wedding bells! Anthony & I got hitched in NC and honeymooned at Disney!


Met Anthony! I didn't give him the time of day for about 6 weeks... whoops.


Went to college to study Psychology. My Plan was to work in U.S. Probation


Started photographing for friends - never thought it would lead anywhere! 


Picked up my first camera 


Wedding at the duke mansion


Featured from Romantic Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Champagne Manor weddings are some of my favorites! 

This romantic wedding was filled with love and tears of joy! 

The feel of royalty is in the air...

This groom's DIY project made for the perfect getaway ride! 

A bride's dream wedding venue

Small and intimate weddings make my heart happy.